Drawing of proposed townhome and commercial development in Wardsville. John P Lucente drawing

Original Published on Nov 12, 2022 at 10:55

By Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Vacant commercial land in Wardsville may get some tenants after council unanimously approved allowing residential townhomes with commercial space.

The Official Plan amendment allows four, two-storey townhomes with a basement and 30 square metres of commercial space on Longwoods Road with access of Davis Street.

“I think Wardsville is a beautiful, quiet community. And I think having the package of a work-home unit, I think this could be complimentary to the community. I think it could entice someone to move out to the area,” said proponent Andrew Colafranceschi at the Oct. 26 council meeting.

His agent Tracey Pillon-Abbs added to that.

“The site has been currently listed for commercial use and it sat vacant for several years. So this is just a unique opportunity to still maintain some commercial presence along Longwoods Road, but allow someone to have this little work unit where they can live and have some commercial use. And it’s a little bit beyond a home occupation, but it adds items you wouldn’t be allowed to have as a home occupation,” said Pillon-Abbs.

Allowed commercial uses would be bake shop, caterer’s establishment, clinic, retail store, personal care establishment, personal service establishment, and office.

“Wardsville is considered to be a community area where [the County official plan] does encourage a variety of housing types. And this being townhomes, it does diversify the housing options within Wardsville, which has been predominately single-detached dwellings,” said municipal planner Stephanie Poirier.

More details to be worked out during the site plan process. Approval is also still needed from the County.

This item reprinted with permission from   Middlesex Banner   Aisla Craig, Ontario

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