Original Published 00:34 Mar 29, 2022

By Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Ministry of Government Relations said that while the Municipality’s Act doesn’t address asking attendees to identify themselves – Councils can make it through a municipality’s procedures bylaws at their discretion.

The RM of Dufferin’s Council and gallery got a quick education on what it meant to be “zoom-bombed” after the CAO said she hit “admit all,” and the gallery flooded with people who weren’t there for the meeting. One of the meeting crashers was a nude man. The CAO cut the meeting feed and has since said she won’t be using the admit-all function in the future.

At the RM of McKillop, The Chief Administrative Officer, Brandi Morissette, said, “I felt it was prudent to ask the attendees to identify themselves in light of what happened at the RM of Dufferin meeting. This adds an extra layer of protection against being Zoom-bombed.”McKillop’s Zoom meetings are usually well attended, with gallery attendees’ handles ranging from initials to some names to generic device models.

If people were to change their screen names simply to ‘John Smith,’  It wouldn’t necessarily stop the issue. We inquired if McKillop has ever “admitted all” during a Zoom meeting.CAO Morissette – “I understand what happened at the RM of Dufferin, and there is always a risk no matter how one identifies themselves. With Council returning to in-person meetings, the Zoom format will continue showing the Council chambers to the best of our current hardware capabilities. I personally have never used the admit-all function, but one can inadvertently choose this function.”

This item reprinted with permission from the Last Mountain Times, Nokomis, Saskatchewan