Original Published 16:52 Mar 31, 2022

By Jessica Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Town of Tisdale is looking at allocating a town-owned parcel near the motor speedway and fairgrounds for the future location of a motocross track.

Brad Hvidston, Tisdale’s administrator, said the track is a community initiative brought to council.

“Their ask for council is they be allowed to put it on town property, so the dirt track would be on town-owned property but operated by the motocross [group],” Hvidston said. “We just have to wait for the ground to dry up and then we’ll go out there and find a spot out there that works for all the parties.”

Garett Curry, who’s leading the community project, said that estimates place the cost at about $15,000 to $30,000 to build the track.

“Me and my wife were talking and we thought we should ask and see what we should find out and we didn’t expect it to be met this well, everyone seems really for it,” Curry said, adding that since then friends and other community members came on board.

“We have a young boy who has a dirt bike and is interested in riding, so our goal is to build something that kids from three years old to adults can enjoy to ride and safely cruise around on.”

Following approval by the town, Curry said that they’ll be approaching local businesses for sponsorships, creating a “sponsorship board” on the site to recognize the sponsors as well as a “family board” to recognize significant personal contributions.

“There’s nothing really around here. Melfort has their track, but it’s only operational during the fair and the next closest place for kids to get involved in the sport I guess would be Prince Albert.”

For those who want to contribute or ask questions, Curry said they can contact him at 306-873-8056.

This item reprinted with permission from Humboldt Journal, Humboldt, Saskatchewan