Sophia Fabris (10) was cast in HBO’s Under the Banner of Heaven and is credited with an appearance in three of the seven episodes comprising season one.Photo Courtesy of Heather Fabris

Original Published 13:34 Apr 28, 2022

By John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

With the official premier of Under the Banner of Heaven around the corner, Strathmore’s Sophia Fabris (10) shared her experience working on set of the upcoming series.

“It was pretty exciting. The first day I went there I was kind of nervous because I didn’t know what people were going to be like,” said Sophia about her debut acting experience.

Under the Banner of Heaven is based on Jon Krakauer’s true crime novel of the same name. The story chronicles the murders of a Mormon woman and her infant daughter in 1984.

Sophia plays one of the younger siblings of murder victim Brenda Wright Lafferty, played by Daisy Edgar-Jones.

“When I went into it and got on my sets, everyone on the show who I’ve met was very nice to me. It was the experience of a lifetime and I’m really happy I got to experience that,” said Sophia.

Under the Banner of Heaven is Sophia’s first credited acting role. According to her mother, Heather Fabris, it’s an exciting first step into the industry.

“She’s been taking acting lessons for almost two years. She signed on with an agent last April. This was actually her first audition – she had this audition in July,” said Fabris. “She got a call back a couple days later and met through Zoom with the casting director and a couple others … and then she was called a day or two later and was told that she got the role.”

Fabris explained the entire process was extremely fast paced. It was apparently less than a week after getting the role that Sophia was scheduled for costume fitting and was on set less than two weeks after that.

Sohpia is credited to be featured in three of the seven episodes of the season. Due to her age, Fabris was required to be on set with her whenever shooting was scheduled.

“It’s kind of fun and exciting for the parents too. We get to know lots about the other parents of the kids,” added Fabris. 

“I auditioned for My Life with the Walter Boys and I got pinned, but then I did not get the part, but I’m still happy that I got pinned,” said Sophia who has been excited to continue auditioning for roles and showing the industry what she can do. “I like getting the experience and being on set and actually being in a movie. I just love it. I like to show what I can do and who I can be.”

“Pinned” is apparently a term used when a casting team has narrowed down the people under consideration for a role to a select few.

Sophia said some of her dream roles would be to eventually be cast in Heartland or The Flash.

Under the Banner of Heaven is scheduled to premiere on Hulu starting April 28.

This item reprinted with permission from Strathmore Times, Strathmore, Alberta