The Regional is an online newspaper opened early in 2021.

Stories, opinion pieces, editorial comment and photos are gathered from a number of sources, including local newspapers, websites, and freelance and paid contributors and acceptable submissions.

A primary source is the Government of Canada Local Journalism Initiative (LJI). This program pays for select media across Canada to deliver news relating to civic journalism, stories about their local governments and community organizations and the work they are doing. and sister sites, including are intended as a collaboration between writers and publishers wanting to reach wider audiences than their local coverage areas.

We all have great stories to tell. These are vehicles to do that.

If you have submissions, or are a publisher wishing to cooperate in sharing content from fellow publishers, use the Contact Form HERE to ask questions and learn more.

Additionally, we are accepting advertorial and/or sponsored content, whether supplied free or paid by the advertiser or promoter.

We are not paying for any content submissions at this time. If you are a publisher not part of the LJI program and want to join in sharing your stories, and using stories from fellow publishers also not part of the LJI program, please use the contact form on this website.

We hope to add non-competing and sometimes competing publications and media as we grow. Each non-LJI participant is free to name publications and media with whom they do not wish to share stories, perhaps just those in their particular market area.

While most publishers agree that local stories, photos and opinions are the backbone of their business, sharing of content opens doors to discussion and awareness of the successes, and issues, often faced by communities across Canada.

Participating publishers outside the LJI program, or which have content not part of the LJI program:

Lakeside Leader, Slave Lake, Alberta

South Peace News, High Prairie, Alberta

Again, to become involved with TheRegional, please contact us HERE.