The Grande Prairie Habitat for Humanity Restore closed its doors in Grande Prairie, Alta. on Friday, Dec. 9, 2022. The closure comes due to multiple factors says Habitat for Humanity Edmonton and there is no plans in the immediate future to replace the store. Other Habitat programming will continue in the city. (Photo by Jesse Boily)Jesse Boily

After almost 12 years, the Habitat for Humanity Restore doors closed on Friday for the foreseeable future.

The Restore was a spot for people to buy quality new and used building materials, with proceeds going to local Habitat programs. 

Grande Prairie resident Laurie Rumsey was surprised by the closure, noting she went to the store often. 

She said the Restore was her first stop when any problems arose at her home; the cost savings were significant compared to retail hardware stores. 

“If you’re ready to pay an arm and a leg, yeah, you go to any other store,” said Rumsey noting it made her home repairs a little more accessible. 

“We had to make the very difficult decision to close the Grande Prairie store, and we understand how disappointing this is for the local residents,” said Amber Lachambre, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton vice president of sustainability and impact.

She said the decision came to close the Grande Prairie facility due to “a number of factors,” including the location, condition of the facility, and logistics of its operations. 

“Habitat would absolutely consider opening another Restore in the community if the right opportunity arises that makes sense for local residents and businesses that we partner with,” said Lachambre. 

Currently, there are no plans for a new Restore in Grande Prairie, she noted.

“The proceeds from the store have traditionally helped families attain affordable homeownership through our program,” said Lachambre.

In Grande Prairie, Habitat for Humanity provides families with the opportunity to enter into homeownership without a down payment and affordable monthly payments.

“When they’re (homeowners) ready and choose to do so, they can sell their home back to Habitat for Humanity, take their equity and turn to open market homeownership or another life goal, and we refurbish those homes, and then they go on to serve another family.”

She noted opportunities for families happen quite often for them to enter the program, and more information can be found at

For now, funding for the current program in Grande Prairie will come from Restores in the Edmonton metro area and Sherwood Park, along with private and corporate donations, said Lachambre. 

She also encourages people who have donated to Restore to find other charitable non-profits to donate their materials and items in Grande Prairie. 

Rumsey was unsure of anything like the Restore in the Grande Prairie area.

Habitat will redistribute any items that did not sell before the closure of the Grande Prairie Restore to Edmonton stores. 

By Jesse Boily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Dec 15, 2022

This item reprinted with permission from   Town & Country News   Beaverlodge, Alberta

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