Chris Clegg

“It’s not summer if your tongue isn’t purple!” – Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes fame

I agree with Calvin. As a kid, I remember making Kool-Aid freezies by the hundreds during the summer. Our family would make grape Kool-Aid in eight-cup batches and freeze them. We used to suck on them to see whose tongue could get the purplest!

By the way, they tasted great!

Ah, summer! It has arrived this year with a ferociousness never known before. Record heat. People bailing indoors before getting roasted and toasted like a crisp marshmallow.

At least those of us who do not have lake lots!

I even heard the other day a dog ran away from home to sneak down to the lake to cool off. No darn way he was waiting for his master to take him! A doggie has needs, you know!

Oh, thankfully, he did return home!

All kidding aside, was there ever a better time being a kid than summer? After the chores were done, endless time to play. Baseball in the pasture. Soccer on the front lawn. Riding your bike up and down the rural roads. Is there a better feeling than cold dew on the toes after a hot day!

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