It took Kathie Hogan, left, and Lynne Cyr about 40 hours to create a 10-foot-wide circle mural on the front of 250 Clark. The women volunteered their time and Hogan hopes people use it as a photo op.Rocco Frangione, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Jul 25, 2022 at 19:07

By Rocco Frangione, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

A circular mural with a 10-foot radius now graces 250 Clark, the Municipality of Powassan’s multi-purpose building which also houses the town council chambers.

The mural is the product of Powassan’s events coordinator Kathie Hogan and hobbyist and daycare worker Lynne Cyr.

The mural has a brown background, the outline of maple leaves in yellow and white lettering depicting the phrase “Home Sweet Hometown.”

At the bottom is the hashtag phrase #awewsomepowassan Hogan started in the community a few years ago.

The maple leaves symbolize the maple syrup industry that is part of Powassan’s heritage because it has quite a few maple syrup producers.

It took both women about 40 hours to complete the mural with most of the work taking place on weekends.

Hogan says the tricky part with the project was the weather.

“We actually started this on May 1,” Hogan said.

“We needed three straight days of no rain to make sure the paint would stick to the wall, it would cure and wouldn’t fall off.  But from May 1 to the end of June we couldn’t get three straight days of no rain.”

Finally in July there were several days of dry weather and both women started the mural.

It began with the women tracing the outline of the mural using a 10-foot-wide craft paper circle Cyr made and then applying the brown paint.

They next projected the lettering on the building’s brick wall and traced out the lettering using a black magic marker.

This was the uncomfortable part because the women could only do the work in the evening so the lit letters from the projector would show up on the wall.

“We had to endure the mosquitoes but got that done in one night,” Hogan said.

They came back the next day filling in the letters.

When Cyr and Hogan began the project, mum was the word on what was going up on the wall.

Hogan says the brown circle caught people’s attention and motorists would slow down as they drove along Clark Street wondering what was going on.

Cyr added as the mural took shape and the image was becoming more clear, motorists then honked their horns in support as they drove by.

Hogan says she and Cyr created the mural to instill pride.

She says the paint for the project came from the group Powassan Trivia Nights, which as the name suggests, holds trivia nights with the public and raises money for various projects in the community.

Hogan adds the scaffolding the women stood on to paint the mural was from a friend.

“So everything got donated to us,” Hogan said, adding people and organizations giving is a key pillar in Powassan.

Both women also donated their time to create the mural.

With the mural now in place, Hogan says it should withstand the weather for years to come.

“And we hope it’s used as a photo op for both our locals and tourists,” Hogan said.

This item reprinted with permission from The Nugget, North Bay, Ontario