Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

“Every woman is worthy to feel beautiful on the outside and the inside, and one of those foundations is a good fitting bra,” says Janice Nowochin, co-owner of B Worthy Bra Boutique. “Only women can understand that.”

Nowochin and Michelle O’Neill recently opened B Worthy in Slave Lake. It’s their first business.

“We’re learning as we go,” says O’Neill.

The two did a lot of research and training to learn to do bra fittings.

“We’ve been thinking about it for a while,” says O’Neill. “We felt Slave Lake was lacking in this area.”

“Buying bras isn’t usually comfortable,” says O’Neill. But the duo want it to be. With that in mind, they go beyond just a fitting and bringing the woman bras, like some chain stores.

“We wanted that ease and comfort,” says Nowochin. “That positive experience.”

As women are more comfortable shopping for bras when only women are present, the duo decided not to stock any items for men.

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