Published on Aug 09, 2022 at 08:08

By Derek Howard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

At least Tay Township residents can rest easy.

North Simcoe councils will be having a busy Wednesday when three municipalities host their regular meetings of council and committee of the whole.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s on tap in Midland, Penetanguishene and Tiny Township.


A special meeting of council for the Town of Midland will begin at 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

Council will receive a deputation from the Economic Development Corporation of North Simcoe regarding the $83,000 release of the second part of their funding from the 2022 budget discussions. Although highly praised by the mayor, deputy mayor, and members of council, it was requested that a hard report with metrics could be provided as a transparent explanation for the organization’s importance in receiving funding.

Council will also be accepting staff reports regarding next year’s capital projects, council remuneration, a flexible work arrangement policy, and a quality of work-life program from human resources. Additionally, a staff report on the status of Bayport Village Phase 2 is expected to spark discussion, as well as a bylaw to establish speed limits in town parks and trails.

The August 10 council agenda and related staff reports can be accessed through the Town of Midland website.

Regular council meetings are held every third Wednesday, and can be attended virtually through Zoom by contacting the clerk’s department of Midland town hall for a link to the meeting.

Council meetings can also be viewed on Rogers TV cable channel 53, or through the livestream on the Rogers TV website. Archives of council meetings are available through Rogers TV and on the Town of Midland’s YouTube channel.


Council and committee of the whole will be having their regular meetings of Penetanguishene council starting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday. Two deputations are scheduled for council: the Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre will be discussing their Garden of Hope project; and Sajecki Planning will be updating council on their summer study for the Town Dock Secondary Plan and Master Plan.

An update on the short-term rental licensing bylaw is on the consent agenda to be considered, and several matters of consideration also appear including the scheduling of a public meeting for the town dock as well as a subdivision agreement for Champlain Shores and a budgetary request for drainage improvements on Payette Drive.

The August 10 regular meeting agendas and related staff reports can be accessed through the Town of Penetanguishene website.

Meetings of Penetanguishene council are held on the second Wednesday of each month, and can be watched live on Rogers TV cable 53, or on the Rogers TV website.

Archives of council meetings are located on the Town of Penetanguishene YouTube channel.

Tiny Township

The busiest of the municipalities will be Tiny Township, which will start its regular council meeting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday. Under matters for consideration are staff reports for PSA Section 10 contract renewal with the OPP and workout equipment for Parkside Park in Balm Beach.

Immediately following regular council, the committee of the whole will receive a deputation regarding a Morneau community project, and a consultant’s report from MHBC Planning on final recommendations of short-term rental accommodation for its Official Plan and zoning bylaw amendments.

At 6 p.m., a public meeting regarding the township’s zoning bylaw will be held.

The next day on Thursday, August 11 at 4 p.m., a special meeting of council will be held regarding short-term rentals which will include deputations and matters for consideration.

Information on the regular meeting of council, committee of the whole, public meeting, and special meeting of council, as well as all related staff reports and associated documents can be located on the Township of Tiny website.

Livestreams and archives of council meetings are available to view on Tiny Township’s YouTube channel.

Published on Aug 07, 2022 at 15:00

Report on RM of Hoodoo Regular June Meeting

By Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The regular meeting of the council of the RM of Hoodoo was held on June 8, 2022, with the following members of council in attendance, Reeve Derreck Kolla along with Councillors Eugene Jungwirth, Reg Wedewer, Donavin Reding, Bruce Cron and Don Gable, and CAO Joan Corneil. Councillor Hal Diederichs joined the meeting at 1:43 pm and Cllr. Cron left the meeting at 2 pm. Reeve Kolla called the meeting to order at 8:10 am. With the presentation of the agenda, Reeve Kolla declared a Conflict of Interest with agenda item 10.6 after which Cllr. Gabel moved that the agenda be adopted as presented. Crd.

First on the agenda was the reading of the minutes of the last meeting. With the reading of the April 13 minutes, Cllr. Cron moved that the April 13, 2022 Regular Meeting minutes be approved. Crd. Next the minutes of the May Special Meeting were read, and Cllr. Reding moved that the May 13, 2022 Special Meeting minutes be approved.  Crd.

CAO Corneil presented the communications received since the last regular meeting namely from APAS regarding membership, SARM regarding the Beaver Control Program, another from SARM regarding tax rate changes, Kathy Evans of Birch Hills regarding a local government seminar, the POWL April newsletter, Horizon Fertilizers regarding moving their storage tanks from #777, SAMA’s annual report, Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency regarding the launch of the Provincial Fire Service Minimum Standards Guide, and Wakaw Lake Regional Park regarding the Annual Financial Statements. In relation to these communications, Cllr. Wedewer moved that the APAS membership information be received and filed (Crd), Cllr. Jungwirth moved that the information received about the Beaver Program be received and filed (Crd), Cllr. Diederichs moved that the SARM tax rate information be received and filed (Crd), Cllr. Gabel moved that the Local Government Seminar information be received and filed (Crd), and Cllr. Cron moved that the POWL newsletter be received and filed (Crd), Cllr. Wedewer moved that the SAMA Annual Report be received and filed (Crd), and Cllr. Jungwirth moved that the SPSA Fire Service Minimum Standards Guide be received and filed (Crd). Cllr. Reding moved that the request from Horizon Fertilizers to move the storage tanks from the #777 site to their main yard located south of Cudworth on Highway #2 be approved and that the costs related to the road haul agreement be calculated to the time that the move of the assets has been completed. Crd. Cllr. Diederichs moved that the Wakaw Lake Regional Park Annual Financial Statements be accepted. Crd. And finally, Cllr. Gabel moved that the verbal report from the administrator regarding the approval of a grant for Summer Jobs be received. Crd. Cllr. Cron moved that a letter from a resident regarding West Osze Lane closure be moved to be read under Delegations. Crd.

Reeve Kolla moved that at 9:00 am the Public Hearing for the consideration of Bylaw #03 of 2022 be opened. Crd.  Reeve Kolla moved that as the comments have been read and there is no further correspondence or presentation the public hearing for Bylaw #03 of 2022 be closed at 9:01 am. Crd. Further to Bylaw #03 of 2022, Cllr. Reding moved that Bylaw #03 of 2022 a Bylaw to amend Bylaw 14 of 2018 – Eliminating the necessity of a communal wastewater treatment system in the Motorhome (MH) district be placed on the table under Order of Business-Unfinished Bylaws. Crd.

The next order of business on the agenda was hearing from delegations. Gary Jakeman and Bart Zimmer presented to Council their application to Saskatchewan Geographic Names Program to change the name of Salinaty Lake as the name implies that the lake is saline, which it is not, and gives an “undeserved negative impression”. Cllr. Wedewer moved that a letter of endorsement regarding the renaming of Salinaty Lake to Isinger Lake be approved.  Crd. Cllr. Jungwirth moved that the Gerwing’s receive a refund on the appeal fee paid in 2018. Crd. Mr Ken Campbell’s presentation regarding a potential Cudsaskwa Rec Area was met with a request that he bring project proposals and plan to Council for consideration. At 10:00 am Pinter gave an update on the Smuts grid project. Council also heard from Lisa and Marcel Hubert and Trish and Harvey Dionne regarding the Road Closure Bylaw and a letter from a resident regarding the West Osze Lane closure. No motions were made in relation to these presentations.

During the Reeve and Councillors Forum, Cllr. Gabel spoke of the issue with trailers parked in the ditches at Schitka Beach and Cllr. Cron moved that administration is directed to post signs on Schitka Beach indicating that a trailer parked within the road allowance must be hooked to a vehicle and cannot remain there for longer than 72 hours or it will be towed. Crd. Cllr. Gabel also brought forward the concerns of a rate payers to the level of the weir. Cllr. Cron moved that administration is directed to contact and engineer to determine the level of the weir. Crd. Regarding a proposal to tender and engineering firm to complete a lake study, Reeve Kolla moved that the item regarding the tender for engineering services be tabled. Crd.

The Reports of Administration were next on the agenda with the Foreman of the RM giving a verbal report. Cllr. Reding moved that the Foreman’s verbal report be received. Crd. CAO Corneil presented her Administration/Development Reports and Cllr. Wedewer moved that the report from the administrator for May/June be accepted. Crd.  With the presentation of the List of Accounts Payable for Approval, Cllr. Jungwirth moved to approve the following Lists of Accounts: Batches #2022-0051: $15,124.40; 2000-00055: $7,769.53; 2022-00056: $610,096.33; 2022-00059: $2,150.00; 2022-00060: $68,269.55; 2022-00061: $52,076.11; 2022-00064: $2,150.00; 2022-00066: $18,593.15; 2022-00068: $39,873.73; 2022-00070: $239,088.53 for total payments of $1,050,934.33.  Crd. This was followed by the presentation of the Financial Report to which Cllr. Diederichs moved that the Financial Statements and Bank Reconciliation for April and May 2022 be approved.  Crd

Council broke for lunch at 12:09 pm and reconvened at 12:50 pm.

After reconvening Council turned to Unfinished Business. The report from Kirsch Construction regarding the fencing and road haul agreement relating to the Gulansky pit was presented and Cllr. Reding moved that the road haul agreement with Kirsch Construction indicate that hauling would be from the Gulansky pit east to Range Road 2245 and/or from the Gulansky pit west to Range Road 2251, south to Township Road 434, west on Township Road 434 to Highway #2.  Crd.

The next order of business dealt with Bylaws. The Unfinished Bylaw 03 of 2022- relating to the decommissioning of waste water system at Wacasa was brought forward and Cllr. Gabel moved that Bylaw 03 of 2022 receive second reading.  Crd. Cllr. Reding next moved that Bylaw #03 of 2022 – A Bylaw to Amend Bylaw 14 of 2018 section 13.4.9 e) be read a third time and passed, and the Bylaw #03 of 2022 be now adopted, sealed and signed by the Reeve and CAO. Crd.

Reeve Kolla moved that Council move to Committee of the Whole in-camera at 1:10 pm to discuss land, legal, labour and/or strategic planning according to the Municipalities Act Sec 120. Crd. Reeve Kolla moved to reconvene the meeting at 3:13 pm.

Regarding the Draft Audited Financials, Cllr. Wedewer moved that Council authorizes a transfer of $87,864 into Roads Reserve at December 31, 2021, for sale of gravel relating to the Smuts Grid project in 2021.  Crd. Cllr. Jungwirth moved that Council approves the Financial Statements as presented for the year ending December 31, 2021. Crd.

Cllr. Wedewer moved that $256,745.40 be transferred from reserves to general. Crd.

Cllr. Gabel moved that Terry Galambos, Syd Balone and Ashley Pfeiffer receive an increase to $25/hr. Crd.

Having received a one quote for the North Building Foundation, Cllr. Diederichs moved that administration is directed to seek out further quotes and if none are forthcoming, to accept the quote from Kova. Crd.

Regarding the date of the next meeting, Cllr. Wedewer moved that the next meeting be at the call of the chair.  Crd.

Cll.r Jungwirth moved that this meeting be adjourned at 4:38 pm.  Crd

This item reprinted with permission from   South Peace News   High Prairie, Alberta


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