CanAm Wrestling and the Alberta Wrestling Academy returned to Strathmore to raise money for the Happy Cat Sanctuary. Proceeds from ticket sales, as well as half of what was raised through a 50/50 draw went to supporting the local adoption center. Additional donations were also accepted on site during the event, May 21.John Watson

Original Published 23:47 May 26, 2022

By John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

CanAm Wrestling and the Alberta Wrestling Academy returned to Strathmore on May 21 to put on their monthly show and once again were aiming to raise money for someone in need.

Otto Gentile, owner of CanAm Wrestling, said he has been actively looking for more local causes to support and that this month’s show will be a big one.

“It (was) the last time that the Strathmore people got to see the luchadores before they go home, so that’s a big thing, but the biggest reason I want to try to hype this event is because we are helping the Happy Cat Sanctuary,” said Gentile. “They are in desperate need of some help with having 130 cats that need homes and they are looking for cat litter, wet and dry cat food, cat toys, whatever we can help them with.”

Gentile explained proceeds from ticket sales went to go towards the sanctuary, as well as half of the 50/50 draw hosted at the event.

Gentile added that his discovery of the Happy Cat Sanctuary was somewhat by accident, but all the same he jumped at the chance to lend them a hand.

“I was walking around the town, meeting the local businesspeople and just going from building to building and I happened to walk in … and this little cat came up with three legs,” said Gentile. “Just to see how that cat has adapted to three legs and how fast she is, I wanted to take her home right then and there, so I (asked if) there a way that my wrestling show can help.”

This show will mark six months of wrestling matches in Strathmore for CanAm wrestling and Gentile reiterated, the team is always looking for more causes to get behind. 

The trick, he said, is finding someone who is willing to let the show help their cause. Gentile’s reasoning for all the effort is simply because he enjoys being able to do it.

“To actually be able to help somebody who is in need is what we need more of in the world … to actually help somebody get on their feet, to help a society to find homes for animals, whatever we can do to help,” said Gentile. “We have had our hits and misses … but usually we get about 140 people (or more) who come to the shows. We are hoping for more on this one because it is helping a (non-profit) business in the community.”

CanAm Wrestling has previously hosted shows in Strathmore to stand against bullying and to help a local family who lost their home to a fire.

This item reprinted with permission from Strathmore Times, Strathmore, Alberta