CERV members ready for action after their fire safety training session.David Gomez, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

MIDDLESEX COUNTY – On October 11, I had the opportunity to be part of one of CERV’s training sessions at the County Primary Operations Centre (POC). Members of the Community Emergency Response Volunteers (CERV) gathered for an intensive training session led by John Elston, the Safety & Standards Officer for the county.

The session provided a blend of theoretical and hands-on experiences. The highlight of the day was when members were taught the proper techniques to put out a fire using an extinguisher – a practical skill vital for immediate response during emergencies.

Participants attentively listened to Elston as he meticulously covered the safety protocols. “When dealing with a fire, every second counts. Knowing how to properly use the fire extinguisher can be the difference between a minor incident and a major catastrophe,” Elston emphasized during the session.

Beyond the tangible skills, the session also served as a testament to the camaraderie and sense of community within CERV. Members collaborated, shared experiences, and offered insights into previous on-ground operations, ensuring that newer members learned not just from the instructor, but also from their colleagues. 

While observing the drill, Bettina Weber, the county’s Community Emergency Management Coordinator, noted, “It’s essential for our members to be equipped with practical skills. Today’s session is a testament to our commitment to hands-on training.”

Given the intricate challenges emergency responders face, continual training is crucial. It equips teams like CERV to act quickly, confidently, and in the best interest of their communities.

In light of the increasing interest and recognizing the pressing need for more volunteers, the deadline for new CERV applications has been extended to October 31. Those eager to be a part of this pivotal community service and play a role in ensuring the county’s safety can make an application in CERV’s website.

On the other hand, CERV members have several events and training sessions throughout the year. The last event was held on October 24 and was about the Northern Tornadoes Project. For our next edition, we will know more about this event held at the Komoka library.

Amid the backdrop of an unpredictable world, Middlesex County is fortunate to have a group like CERV, with its well-trained, passionate, and dedicated members ready to face challenges head-on.

By David Gomez, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Oct 28, 2023 at 18:45

This item reprinted with permission from   Middlesex Banner   Aisla Craig, Ontario

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