Chris Clegg
South Peace News

An Enilda resident is so fed up with ATV drivers tearing up and down streets endangering the lives of children he is proposing an ATV ban in the Big Lakes County hamlet.

Eric Corbiere attended council’s July 28 meeting as a public delegation and proposed a complete ban citing concerns for safety of children.

“There’s kids playing,” said Corbiere. “I’ve watched several kids almost get hit.

“There’s no need to be cruising down these sidestreets at 30-40-50-60 km/hr.”

“I agree with you,” said Councillor Ken Killeen.

If council did not agree with the ban, Corbiere asked for more law enforcement of existing speed limits.

“[Drivers] are burning doughnuts, tearing up the roads,” said Corbiere, who also suggested a 30 km/hr speed limit on sidestreets.

Councillor Donald Bissell had another suggestion.

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