The City of Dawson Creek is looking into options to create a sticker park in Mile Zero, following a suggestion from councillor Gregg Apolonio. 

Apolonio presented the idea to city council at their July 17 meeting, after noticing that a buildup of stickers has started to accumulate on the “Welcome To The World Famous Alaska Highway” sign – a much loved spot for tourists and residents. 

Preserving the landmark and serving the interests of sticker enthusiasts, Apolonio said it would be worth creating a sticker post park for the public to place stickers or memorabilia, much like the famous Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake in the Yukon. 

“This space would be a haven for sticker collectors or aficionados, or even onlookers,” said Apolonio, noting the sign needs some upkeep. 

The forest in Watson Lake was started in 1942 by a homesick American soldier, who was working on the construction of the Alaska Highway. Since then, over 80,000 unique signs have been added to the site – visitors are encouraged leave signs and messages. 

Councillor Kyle McDonald said he’s also in favour of Apolonio’s vision for a sign post forest, as inspired by Watson Lake. 

“I would personally like to something a little bit better than just metal and metal signs,” he said. 

Dawson Creek Mayor Darcy Dober said he envisions any sticker board concept to be simple, but with room to be added on as space fills up. 

“I think they’re just sticking it to metal right now. You just want something that would hold up in the weather, but I don’t think it would take much,” said Dober. “I’m not in mind picturing spending a whole bunch on it – just something that, you know, maybe start it with something and see if grows and continues, and if it becomes something bigger.” 

City council agreed to leave the current stickers in place at the NAR Park, directing staff to research options for a potential sticker post or board. 

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By Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Jul 20, 2023 at 20:32

This item reprinted with permission from   Alaska Highway News   Fort St. John, British Columbia

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