The site where a water tank is stored for the community gardens at Ma Murray school.Supplied

Original Published 09:52 Apr 25, 2022

By Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative

Students at Ma Murray school have enjoyed building up their community gardens for their peers and neighbours to enjoy. 

But a recent theft of their watering tank over the weekend will make their work that much more difficult. 

The tank is used both students at the community for their garden projects, and by the community, with seniors and other nearby residents often dropping by.

“It looks like someone through the night came and took the watering tank off the pallet, that was beside our fence and have stolen it,” says school principal Kathy Scheck, who took to social media on Sunday to alert the public to the theft.

“It’s very disappointing as we garden actively at our school and the kids enjoy watering plants and produce at the school, and it’s right out by our raspberry beds, hopefully we can find who did and get the tank back.”

Scheck hopes the school will be able to track it down with help from the public and as they review security footage.

Despite the theft, Scheck says the students will be able to continue on with their gardening, but hauling hoses out to water is much more challenging and physically demanding, especially for young children. Offers to replace the missing tank have already begun popping on social media.

Anyone with any information on the missing tank are encouraged to call both the school and RCMP.

This item reprinted with permission from Alaska Highway News, Fort St. John, British Columbia