By Binny Paul, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Bevan Sweeney is a neighbour everyone would love to live next to in Terrace.

The smell of wood-smoked, flavourful briskets and pork shoulders is what Sweeney’s whole neighbourhood smells like at six in the morning when he pulls out the meat from the smoker pits in his backyard. And to add to it, he loves feeding people authentic Southern -style BBQ.

That is precisely what drove him to set-up the Redneck Kitchen food truck five years ago.

Sweeney’s choice of name of the food truck has brought him a couple of rough comments from people, but he says that before the word took on a derogatory meaning it was used to describe a “hard working person out in the fields.”

“I’ve had people come and tell me that they didn’t want to eat my food because of the name of my food truck but I kept the name because I wanted to show people that the term redneck is not a bad thing,” said Sweeney.

His food truck which was often a sight for the sore eyes in Terrace, is now awaited eagerly by residents across northwest B.C.

A simple message on their Facebook page – ‘today we’re in town’– gets hundreds of residents from Prince Rupert and Kitimat to flock to the food truck to buy signature sandwiches, briskets and the famed ‘hot mess’ – a gooey mix of french fries, chili, pulled pork, pickles and sauces.

Within a couple hours of opening, they are sold out – which on a typical day ranges anywhere between 150 to 200 pounds of brisket, 80 to 90 pounds of pork shoulders, 24 racks of ribs, 150 pounds of french fries and 40 to 60 pounds of chili.

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