Original Published on Sep 15, 2022 at 17:00

By Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Clive village council heard that the provincial government is now in “sell” mode on a provincial police force, rather than “engagement” mode. The report was made at the Sept. 12 regular meeting of council.

Village Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney stated she’d recently participated in a virtual engagement with Justice Minister Tyler Shandro, along with other municipalities including Blackfalds and Ponoka County. 

“Each municipality was given time to state their concerns, Minister Shandro was well prepared with answers to all concerns raised,” stated Kenney’s report.

During discussion the CAO stated the province isn’t really engaging with municipalities anymore on a proposed provincial police force, “…they’re selling a provincial police force. I think it’s kind of futile (to disagree or question the proposal).”

Kenney stated that during the session Minister Shandro quickly had a response for any concern or disagreement that was brought up.

Tax time

Kenney reported property taxes were due Aug. 31. “Penalties totalling $4,185.30 were applied to 25 properties owing 2022 property taxes on Sept. 1, 5.8 per cent of the total property tax bill,” stated Kenney in her summary.

“This compares to $3,295.25 of penalties and 26 properties in 2021, $6,480.12 of penalties and 37 properties in 2019 and $6,690.89 of penalties and 37 properties in 2018.”

Your problem now

During her report Kenney mentioned another session she took part in where a scholarly research paper was presented on how the provincial government may or may not transfer certain grants to municipalities. 

“The rationale for capital transfers” stated villages like Clive could fund their own capital projects rather than receive provincial capital transfers or grants if the project only benefits the municipality and not the province.

Capital projects include things like sewage lagoons, new roads and other infrastructure that easily run into the millions of dollars. 

Kenney reported that the researchers suggested municipalities pay for such projects out of their tax base.

No news is good news

The CAO also reported the Hwy. #12/21 Water Commission pipeline to Clive is not in service yet. She said the village is waiting to see what’s going on as it’s “…still in limbo.” 

She noted it’s expected to be completed sometime this fall.

The line has been delayed for months and at previous council meetings the supply chain issue was blamed.


Kenney provided information on enforcement and bylaw complaints, including one report of trees overhanging an alleyway west of 57 Street close, an unattached holiday trailer which was sent to the community peace officers and a number of animal complaints which were forwarded to the animal control contractor.

The animal complaints included one dog running at large, one unlicensed dog, one trapped cat and someone keeping rabbits which were causing a nuisance.

Bylaw report

Community Peace Officer (CPO) Mark Sproule’s report was submitted to councillors. It was stated that during the first half of 2022 CPO’s engaged with Clive residents and issued 12 warnings. Kenney stated the warnings usually involve snow shovelling or lawn cutting depending on the time of year.

RCMP reports

As councillors looked through the regular report submitted for the Clive area by the Blackfalds RCMP detachment Mayor Lucy Henry noted there seems to be a lot of domestic disturbance complaints in the village.

The CAO agreed, noting there are a number of reports that describe the RCMP coming to Clive to mediate in a domestic dispute.

RCMP retro pay

Councillors passed a resolution to voice their concerns about the RCMP and its union, the National Police Federation, coming to an agreement on a contract that included retroactive pay which municipalities like Clive will be expected to pay despite municipalities having no seat at the negotiating table.

Councillors looked at a sample letter sent by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and stated Clive will send a letter to MP Blaine Calkins signed by Mayor Henry.

This item reprinted with permission from   East Central Alberta Review   Coronation, Alberta

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Comments are Welcome - Leave a reply below - Posts are moderated