By Anna Smith, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

 Dandelion Renewables, headquartered in Alberta and with an office in Maple Creek,  looks to help provide the agricultural industry with new and innovative  ways to be energy efficient.

Offering their services to British  Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, Dandelion Renewables offers  primarily solar and wind energy consultations and contracts for both  large and small scale projects, such as electric car charging stations.

Large projects have included work with pork and dairy producers, as well as beekeepers.

“When  Alberta Pork engaged us, as we looked at the different technologies and  opportunities to improve efficiency, one of the big things that had  been identified is that they needed much better technology for  ventilation, especially for the winter. Late winter ventilation when the  fans operate at the minimum speed, can be very costly energy wise,”  said Mikhail Ivanchikov, president of Dandelion Renewables. “We  researched manufacturers out of Europe, who produced fans that consume  significantly less energy when they run into slow speeds compared to  conventional Fan manufacturers,” said Ivanchikov. “Even though these  electric fans cost more money upfront; however, in terms of energy  saving, you save a huge amount, especially if you have the barn designed  well. With good energy efficient fans, you end up actually wasting less  heat, because you don’t throw too much heat outside, and you can  control the barn more efficiently, making sure that the temperature is  set exactly as the room requires and they don’t need to heat and  ventilate at the same time.”

Other improvements include radiant  floor heating to offset costs, and even using the heat the animals  inside produce in other areas.

“In  the wintertime, bees actually produce very large amounts of heat, and  that heat often needs to be ventilated. Which is exactly at the time  when our society needs the heat, right? So The interesting application  is, how do we integrate the bees into something more useful,” said  Ivanchikov.

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