Woodland county councillors shared citizen concerns about dust mitigation in the County at their last meeting, June 15. Additionally. crappy cell service in parts of the County was also a topic brought forward.

Near the end of the June 15 Woodlands County Regular Meeting, two councillors brought forward concerns from residents in their divisions. The problems raised happened during the Councillor Reports section of the meeting, which is where each councillor can bring up things they did since the last meeting or bring forward conversations they had with residents.

Councillor Kusch said that a few phone calls from concerned residents had him talking about dust mitigation. “I know this is something that we made a policy to step away from, but the motion started opening up the floodgates on this.” He said that residents asked what made one road in one area of the County more important than a road elsewhere in the County. 

Councillor Dale McQueen spoke of an issue plaguing his neck of the woods in Goose Lake/Freeman River. “The cell service out here has sucked since day one. It’s never been anything. I’d like to know if we could set up a meeting with Telus and see if they can jack up some of the power they are running through these towers because it’s getting worse. It’s not better. It’s getting worse.” 

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