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No one disputes having a female doctor in High Prairie is a vital need, but how far is council willing to go to support the idea?

It was a contentious question at council’s July 13 meeting after Brian Gilroy proposed writing a letter to Alberta Health Services [AHS] asking them to ensure the area is served by a female doctor and to reserve the said position.

The question quickly arose what would happen if a male doctor wanted to come to town but only a female doctor was desired.

Gilroy began debate by saying High Prairie is currently only served by male doctors except the female nurse practitioner.

“We can’t guarantee our nurse practitioner will be here forever,” he said.

Gilroy added female patients, especially those who were sexually abused, preferred to be examined by a female doctor.

“As a result, council should promote and request that Alberta Health Services ensure our region and others have adequate health care professions that reflect the needs of diverse regions,” he wrote in his proposal to council.

“Specifically, an adequate number of doctors that can accommodate medical examinations for those who have a preference on gender.”

In short, at the meeting, Gilroy said, “I want to make sure women have a choice.”

Judy Stenhouse disagreed saying if a qualified doctor wanted to come to town, allow him.

“Fill the position and get the physicians.

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