Original Published July 26, 2022

Regional commentary by Jeff Burgar

I’m not one of those people who pours a stiff drink before they “get down to some serious thinking.” I don’t light a smoke, or even take a deep breath. But I admit, I do what I call “calorie up.” I head to the fridge or to snacks in the pantry. I call it ‘feeding the brain.’ Because you know, hard thinking means extra work for brain cells. Got to keep them full of energy, right?

So here I am, looking at an empty screen for this column right here. I know I want to write on this doofus law firm in Ontario. Oops. Sorry, I meant to say, ‘esteemed legal minded.’ Nope.

A small town councillor in Ontario headed off to Ottawa as part of the Freedom Convoy.

For some reason unknown, a so-called ‘integrity commissioner,’ consisting of a big city law firm, investigated. They wrote a report. The report said the councillor, Harold Jonker, broke some kind of ‘code of conduct.’ Twice.

Thinking about this, I could feel those dang brain cells calling for fuel. More fuel! I loaded up with a container of cottage cheese for healthy protein. And a handful of mini-chocolate bars stored in the pantry for just such emergencies. Quick energy!

Back to the story. According to the law firm, Jonker was a leader of the convoy, even after it was found unlawful. In fact, they said, he was head of the “Niagara convoy, and was among the first group of trucks to reach Parliament on January 28.” Oh, the horrors!

So, one of the law partners said, “If you are a member of council, you’re a representative, at all times, of the council.”

Jonker replied to that loaded, and very insinuating accusation, saying, “As a representative, I choose to represent the residents who are being negatively affected by the lockdowns and mandates.”

Basically saying, if that’s the game you want to play with your big city witch hunt, I can play too. And the ‘investigation’ went: ‘Ah ha. Gotcha.’

The news report says the “investigation chose to accept that meant he was a representative of the township.”

As is known by most elected officials, when they speak of politics, they must always be careful to clarify if they are speaking as a private citizen, or as an elected official speaking for their town or council. This so-called “investigation” brings a whole new, shall I say, ‘extravagance’ to that policy.

Next step, driving a Ford means your council thinks Toyota should be out of business? Shopping out of town means your council does not support local business? Wearing a red tie means your council supports Liberals? An NDP lawn sign? You have a cat? You are married?

There’s more. The ‘investigation’ also said Jonker must return all the ‘gifts’ he got. Food. Fuel. More. Against council policy, you know.

You can read the story at theregional.com/Ontario-town-councillor-breached-conuct-code-says-Toronto-law-firm.

Jonker should start another convoy. Against his own council. Or the law firm. I will bring chocolate bars.

This item reprinted with permission from South Peace News, High Prairie, Alberta