Community organizations that are planning projects that beautify Thunder Bay and enhance civic pride can qualify for up to $5,000 from the city’s Clean, Green and Beautiful Committee. 

Funding is available for smaller-scale projects and differs from the city’s Downtown Improvement Grant Program, says Stephen Margarit, the committee’s chairman.  

“This is meant for community organizations to do smaller scale projects, some beautification or if they wanted to do something larger, they could have (access) for funds from other organizations or at different levels of government,” Margarit said. 

Larger contributions from the Clean Green and Beautiful fund will be considered based on tangible community benefits and the availability of funds.

This is the second year that the funding is available after it began in recognition of the committee’s 15th anniversary. Margarit says there were four recipients last year. 

The Waterfront District BIA had a project with a total cost of around $60,000,” he said. “We funded a portion of that for potted trees, and filling up self-watering planters and it was a two-year pilot project that they wanted to do with the whole downtown north core streetscape around Red River Road. It involved adding some planters and some potted trees, which can be moved indoors in the winter months.”

Margarit said the Northern Nishnawbe Education Council also received funding for large panel artwork on metal signs. 

“I think the total cost there was like $10,000 and then Eco Superior did an anti-litter, cigarette butt disposal and recycling program,” he said. “One was kind of green, one was kind of clean, and one was sort of a beautification project.”

Denise Smith, Eco Superior’s Rethinking Waste co-ordinator, says the funding was for the two-part project and they will be reapplying this year for additional funds. 

“We offer cigarette butt stop receptacles at a discount to businesses and community organizations that sign up for a cigarette butt recycling program,” she said. “It’s a subsidized rate, which is $50 and they can have five cigarette butt receptacles and put them around their businesses. The second part of this is the participating businesses where they can bring those cigarette butts to us and we will send them to TerraCycle to be recycled into picnic tables, park benches, all sorts of different things.”

 Smith added people who aren’t participating in that butt stop program can also bring their cigarette butts to them.

Another successful applicant to receive funding last year was the Thunder Bay Repair Café. The money enabled them to join a global effort to reduce waste and promote sustainable, community-focused lifestyles. The organization hosts visitors who can learn to fix their broken household items for free while reducing consumption, diverting waste and lowering emissions produced from recycling and waste disposal.

Funding for the initiative comes from the city, which allots a sum to the Clean Green and Beautiful committee’s emerging projects fund. 

Eligible projects could include community improvements, artistic painting, public art, improved seating areas, landscaping and even public education about civic pride. Applications are available by going online at by June 23.

By Sandi Krasowski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Jun 09, 2023 at 10:00

This item reprinted with permission from   The Chronicle-Journal   Thunder Bay, Ontario
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