The 30 members to serve on Grey County council in 2022 cost taxpayers a total of $645,247.97

At its most recent meeting, county council received the 2022 annual statement of total remuneration and expenses paid to members of council.

Members of council were paid $473,781.49 in remuneration, $70,611.97 in benefits, $20,420.85 in mileage and $80,433.66 in other (which includes expenses for: conferences, cellular, technology, parking and meals).

A total of 30 members of county council received pay during 2022. This number was elevated, as 2022 was an election year and there was 50 per cent turnover on county council after the election. In addition, each of the nine Grey County municipalities can send an alternate council member to county council should their mayor or deputy mayor be unable to attend a meeting.

The breakdown for each county councillor is as follows (total includes remuneration, benefits, mileage and other):

  • Ian Boddy (Mayor, Owen Sound): $30,384.96
  • Peter Bordignon (Deputy Mayor, The Blue Mountains): $25,750.92
  • Dwight Burley (Mayor, Georgian Bluffs): $31,843.59
  • Sue Carleton (Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Georgian Bluffs): $29,278.29
  • Barb Clumpus (Mayor, Meaford): $22,353.97
  • Aakash Desai (Deputy Mayor, Grey Highlands): $26,069.03
  • Warren Dickert (Deputy Mayor, Hanover): $3,588.84
  • Barbara Dobreen (Deputy Mayor, Southgate): $3,821.33
  • Kevin Eccles (Mayor, West Grey): $3,387.10
  • Harold Fleet (Alternate, Hanover): $547.96
  • Brian Gamble (Deputy Mayor, Chatsworth): $23,003.03
  • Scott Greig (Deputy Mayor, Owen Sound): $3,295.38
  • Selwyn Hicks (Deputy Mayor, Hanover also Warden of Grey County): $91,470.51
  • Tom Hutchinson (Deputy Mayor, West Grey): $32,835.19
  • Shirley Keaveney (Deputy Mayor, Meaford): $34,579.84
  • Ross Kenter (Alternate and Mayor, Meaford): $3,051.02
  • Cathy Little (Alternate, Grey Highlands): $634.77
  • Scott Mackey (Mayor, Chatsworth): $32,760.47
  • Andrea Matrosovs (Mayor, The Blue Mountains): $3,471.16
  • Terry McKay (Deputy Mayor, Chatsworth): $2,991.59
  • Paul McQueen (Mayor, Grey Highlands, also Deputy Warden Grey County): $43,482.80
  • Brian Milne (Deputy Mayor and Mayor, Southgate, also Warden of Grey County): $41,645.45
  • Dane Nielsen (Deputy Mayor, Grey Highlands): $3,555.80
  • Brian O’Leary (Deputy Mayor, Owen Sound): $31,637.29
  • Sue Paterson (Mayor, Hanover): $31,689.06
  • Grant Pringle (Deputy Mayor, Georgian Bluffs): $3,320.30
  • Christine Robinson (Mayor, West Grey): $24,504.98
  • Alar Soever (Mayor, The Blue Mountains): $25,551.63
  • Richard Thomas (Alternate, Owen Sound): $1,064.97
  • John Woodbury (Mayor, Southgate): $30,076.74

Members of county council attended a total of 445 regular meetings, and 511 other meetings.

In addition, McQueen received a total of $6,020.59 in remuneration and expenses as a Grey County appointee to the Niagara Escarpment Commission.

County council members receive a base salary of $21,194.85 and the warden receives a base salary of $81,047.38. These amounts cover all council and committee of the whole meetings. Councillors are also paid per diem amounts for additional sub-committee meetings and where the councillor is a county representative and compensation is not paid by another agency.

By Chris Fell., Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Mar 29, 2023 at 08:00

This item reprinted with permission from   Collingwood, Ontario
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