Richard Froese
South Peace News

The logo for the Town of High Prairie can now be used by more than just the municipality.

At its regular meeting Aug. 10, council approved a policy to allow businesses, organizations and events to use the logo to promote the town.

“If someone wants to use the town logo, the CAO can approve it,” Mayor Brian Panasiuk says.

CAO Rod Risling says the concept becomes another tool to market the town.

“Some businesses in the town may choose to sell merchandise such as clothing and would like to brand their material with the town logo,” Risling says in a report to council.

“People who purchase the goods then become marketers of our community.”

He says currently there is limited marketing material in and for the town but this can be improved by allowing the private sector to use the town’s logo branding.

The Town of High Prairie recognizes that there may be people, business and organization that would like to promote the town by using the Town of High Prairie logo on promotional material or merchandise, the policy statement explains.

If the request is approved by the CAO, town administration will order the promotional material or merchandise from an appropriate supplier for the person, business or organization.

The CAO says the new concept would provide opportunity for royalties for the town.

“However, royalties would involve additional administration and like not result in significant revenue,” Risling says.

Council passed a motion at its meeting July 27 to direct the CAO to draft a policy.

Typically, municipalities do not allow their logo to be used by outside sources.

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