Richard Froese
South Peace News

Town of High Prairie council wants to clean up the town and brighten up the community’s image.

However, it will likely be a new council that decides after municipal elections Oct. 18.

At its regular meeting Aug. 10, council discussed a motion by Councillor Judy Stenhouse to ban all garage signs in the town civic square at the junction of Highway 2 and Highway 749 starting Sept. 1 as the first step to clean up the town.

“I brought this forward because of numerous complaints that the town is messy, dirty,” Stenhouse says.

“This is the one thing council can do without funding.

“We can clean up our main street.

“It’s one way we can start cleaning up our town.”

However, that motion to ban garage sales signs by the town office was defeated in a 3-3 tie vote as council debated the issue for 40 minutes.

Stenhouse got support from Councillor Donna Deynaka and Councillor Brian Gilroy.

Mayor Brian Panasiuk, Councillor Michael Long and Councillor Arlen Quartly opposed that motion.

Council supported a motion that improving the town image be added as a priority item at the next strategic planning session of council.

That means more and new ideas.

“It will likely be a new council,” Panasiuk says.

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