Pat Rehn
MLA for Lesser Slave Lake

Alberta has reopened in time to enjoy the sun, and Albertans have been making the most of it. We’re reconnecting with family and friends, supporting our local businesses, and enjoying the outstanding outdoor beauty boasted by our province. As we settle back into our lives, Albertans have also been looking to the future of our province and the elections which will determine it.

As I think about our future, I reflect on the advice I’ve been privileged to receive over the last few months from the people of Lesser Slave Lake about what our constituency and our province need from their representatives. In particular, many stressed to me the need for investment in our local economy after COVID if our traditions of local business and self-sufficiency are to recover. Attaining this for our community will be a key goal of mine under the renewed mandate of the people to serve as your United Conservative MLA. I am eager to use my voice within the government to advocate for Lesser Slave Lake’s outstanding culture and community, which can serve as a beacon to which Canada can look towards as we recover stronger than ever.

In October, we will have the opportunity to vote on whether to continue following Daylight Saving Time, and whether to support an end to equalization. While equalization was originally envisioned and operated as a system to share regional economic success nationwide in order to provide for a high and comparable standard of living, it has more recently been commandeered by anti-energy interests and ideologies to unfairly punish the prosperity Albertans earn simply because of the way we create it.

We are doing much better than we’re allowed to fully benefit from, and it’s time to change that. In October, remember to vote to end equalization and to tell the Federal government that we demand to take back control of Alberta’s success. Whatever the outcomes may be, I look forward to seeing the results and hearing from the people of Lesser Slave Lake.

One of the events that I hope to see you at will be a community barbecue at the Slave Lake Legion on the 27th between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. This is a fantastic opportunity to go out and enjoy some good food with good company while also being able to discuss your interests and concerns for our constituency.

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