Original Published on Sep 15, 2022 at 08:31

By Ryan Clarke, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Lethbridge local Kelsey Delamarter has been chosen to receive $10,000  in production funding along with training to produce a series for the  Telus Storyhive Voices 2.0 channel.

 Delamarter and 100 other  recipients were selected for the work they do as emerging content  creators with the campaign looking to help kickstart their creation  journey. Delamarter’s project Queer in Alberta was selected for its  outreach to queer LGBTQSI+ communities in Alberta, helping others not  feel the isolation she has felt and spread knowledge on topics in the  community.

 Delamarter started her journey on TikTok under the  username _kelsifer, where she would connect with other queer people in  the community and interview them on various topics. Feeling isolated as a  queer person in Alberta, Delamarter shares their stories to help others  not feel the same troubles she experienced.

 “I started posting  little videos on TikTok, with no formal experience, and it’ll be nice to  be able to gain some skills to make this the best that it can be,” said  Delamarter. “The Queer in Alberta interview series began where I posted  a video calling out for queer Albertans, speaking about the isolation  and feeling of queer scarcity. I had so many people responding with  their own stories, wanting to share from all kinds of backgrounds,  genders, and sexualities. So I started interviewing them over Zoom and  putting that on TikTok. But so many people were interested in seeing the  full interviews, so what I ended up doing was editing them down to 30  to 40 minutes and now there is six episodes currently out on YouTube and  Spotify.”

 Seeing her work expand, Delamarter talks on different  topics of race, gender, and backgrounds, and how people in the community  have faced coming out in small towns, and their challenges.

 “I  view this as such an honour and privilege to be able to share other  queer Albertan’s experiences and stories. We are all different and have  our own opinions and views,” said Delamarter. “My experiences as a mixed  person of colour are very different from some other members of the  community as well. So I want to recognize my position in this, and share  others as well.”

 Going forward Delamarter will work with Telus Optik to gain more skills to bring her work to new levels.

  “Creators like Kelsey, starting in October, are going to start  attending our Creator Sessions, where they get to learn a bit more about  Storyhive, get into the details of how to execute and produce their  video content. Then we are aiming for a summer 2023 launch on OPTIC TV  for all their content,” said Munira Mohamud, senior program manager of  Storyhive Voices. “The Voices program was designed for people who have  little or no experience in creating content. It’s geared towards people  who are passionate about (creating content).”

 Working with  creators to produce content that is authentic and relevant to community  they are from, Storyhive looks to not dictate the work, but give them  the support for their passion.

 “It’s their dream that’s driving  this,” said Mohamud. “Our goal is to support people in the community  that are looking to access the Canadian Broadcasting System. These  people are looking to get into content creation and we provide them with  funding in select communities across Alberta and BC. Since 2013,  Storyhive has been able to support a community of over 18,000 local  content creators across Western Canada. Providing $15-million in funding  in order to get these creators started in their careers.”

  Working to that goal, Delamarter will work with producing this project  while also continuing towards her Master’s Degree in Anthropology at the  University of Lethbridge. “I hope and dream for a project like this  that can continue to grow. To be seen by people,” said Delamarter. “It’s  so important for Albertans all across the board from all demographics  to see themselves, to be part of that community. This has been one of  the most rewarding journeys that I’ve taken in my life.”

This item reprinted with permission from   Lethbridge Herald    Lethbridge, Alberta

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Original Published on Sep 16, 2022 at 09:40

Storyhive offers funding for BC, Alberta local video creators, 18,000 since launch

By SAMANTHA JOHNSON, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Since Telus Storyhive was launched, the project has engaged with more than 18,000 local content creators across B.C. and Alberta and provided more than $15 million in production funding. The program helps to foster ambitions, from content creation through to production and distribution.

“Each year we develop different kinds of programs that folks in Alberta and B.C. can apply for in support of video content in particular,” said Munira Mohamud, senior program manager of Storyhive Voices.

This year marked the second round, with close to 200 applications received and 100 creators receiving a $10,000 grant to produce a six-to-10 episode series. “We are looking to support underrepresented voices and unique stories that are coming out of urban centres and rural areas. It’s a great chance for those entering this creation space for the first time and gives them lots of exposure by being distributed on Optik TV.”

Storyhive.com has submission rules, along with tips on how to make a strong application. A pitch must be submitted explaining the creator’s story in 60 seconds or less.

“There are other parts of the application to go into more depth on how the story will be told, and why they are the best person to tell it. We love reading those tidbits about creators because we want to support authentic storytelling,” explained Mohamud.

Stories must be non-fiction and have local relevance by reflecting the community they are part of. Storyhive 2.0 “got a tremendous response,” stated Mohamud.

“We want to increase awareness that it exists as an opportunity for those who haven’t created content before. Let them know opportunities like this exist where funding is available along with support. These 100 creators will interact with one another, encouraging one another as they go through the program together.”

The program continues to expand and Mohamud hopes more creators are funded in the future. Storyhive can be found at storyhive.com or go to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or TikTok to find out when the next round of applications will be accepted.

This item reprinted with permission from   Medicine Hat News   Medicine Hat, Alberta

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