RBC Lumsden – (summer)Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published 17:31 May 02, 2022

By Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The closure came up at the Town of Lumsden meeting on Tuesday. CAO Monica Merkosky noted that RBC had sent out flyers regarding the closure and that there would be a virtual meeting on May 17th to provide the public with information. As a result, the town will be discussing their future banking needs during their Group 1 committee meeting.

Mayor Matheson said that he received an email asking what Council would do regarding the closure. “The Royal Bank has been planning this; It was a done deal before they came and talked to us. We expressed our concerns, but there is not a whole lot else we can do.”

The Mayor said a resident on Main Street also approached him at the post office. The person spoke to Matheson, saying it was a “disaster” and the “council needed to do something.”

A concerned citizen contacted LMT. They said they were worried about the impact of the closure on Seniors in the community. They also believed the branch to be busy, noting there was a lineup of four people when they were doing business recently, with another two people entering the branch when they left. They were concerned that RBC decided based on a decrease in business during the pandemic.

LMT has reached out to RBC for comment.

This item reprinted with permission from Last Mountain Times, Nokomis, Saskatchewan