Council notes

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Water system repairs in Smith and Canyon Creek have been successfully completed, council heard at its Aug. 18 meeting. The two leaks in Smith amounted to a whopping 30 per cent of water plant production. Director of field services Ryan Tufts said the amount of water lost is estimated at the equivalent of 1,200 tank truck loads.

In Canyon, it’s suspected one of the leaks may have started years ago.

“Some long days (and nights) were worked to get these leaks repaired quickly,” says the written report.

Senate and referendum votes
The M.D. has been asked to handle voting on a couple of additional items for nearby communities during the Oct. 18 municipal elections. Sawridge Band and Swan River First Nation electors will be able to vote at the M.D. polling station on that date, for an Alberta senator and on provincial referendum questions. Council voted in favour of a motion to provide the service.

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