Sandy Kapeller’s bright blue Trillium trailer, aptly named Miss Daisy, will be one of 80 at the inaugural Medicine Hat Vintage Trailer Rally, taking place Aug. 18 to 21.SUBMITTED PHOTO.

Original Published on Aug 02, 2022 at 10:26

By KENDALL KING, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Vintage trailers from across North America will soon be rolling into Gas City Campground for the inaugural Medicine Hat Vintage Trailer Rally, taking place Aug. 18-21.

The goal of the rally, inspired by the 2018 Boler trailer 50th anniversary celebration event, is to both bring together trailer enthusiasts and promote the city of Medicine Hat.

“I’ve been a trailer enthusiast for all my life, and I love Medicine Hat,” rally organizer Sandy Kapeller told the News. “I’ve lived here for a long time and I know we have lots to offer here.”

Over the four days, rally-goers will tour the city and take part in a variety of activities showcasing Medicine Hat’s unique culture, including a ride on the Sunshine Trolley, a visit to the Esplanade, a creative workshop with Painter Girl and more.

“I want these rally-goers who don’t live here to go away and think, ‘Yeah, I really like Medicine Hat. It’s a cool place,’” said Kapeller. “And then, I want them to come back. And they will (come back), because there’s lots to see around here (and) Medicine Hat has a great community which welcomes everybody.”

Kapeller is thankful for the support of local organizations, businesses and individuals, whom she believes will also benefit from the event.

“And the community will reap the rewards. Because rally-goers are going to go and check out businesses and they’re going to wander downtown and see the historic sites and people are going to go buy stuff.”

As well, the community is invited to engage with rally-goers at the campground during the Aug. 20 open house, which runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

During the open house the public is invited to tour the approximately 80 vintage trailers set up in the park and speak with owners.

“The park is full,” said Kapeller. “It’s exciting. I did not think that for the first official Vintage Trailer Rally we would have this big of an attendance. But this is a big thing. We’ve got trailers coming from the States and from all over Canada.

“And it’s not just fibreglass ones that are coming – we have airsteams coming, we have shastas coming. (And) no two trailers are the same. And I’ve been doing this for many years. I have never seen two trailers the same ever. Every (trailer-owner) has their own little twist. We even have a (trailer decorated like a) Ukrainian egg coming.”

During the open house the campground will be accessible only by foot, with parking available in the parking lot outside the campground entrance – where food trucks will also be stationed.

Entry is free with a donation to the Medicine Hat SPCA.

Kapeller hopes the event will allow rally-goers and local trailer enthusiasts to come together and foster a sense of community over shared interests.

This item reprinted with permission from the News, Medicine Hat, Alberta