GUYSBOROUGH – With interest rising in offshore wind development in Nova Scotia, the Municipality of the District of Guysborough (MODG) has been fielding expressions of interest in the Goldboro area.

Part of positioning the municipality to take advantage of the rising tide for renewable energy projects here is the acquisition of land from ExxonMobil Canada Ltd. in the Goldboro Industrial Park, near property the municipality already owns.

MODG CAO Barry Carroll told The Journal on July 5, “It’s just going through the process of trying to get the sale done. We have a purchase sale agreement with them…Right now, the price is commercially confidential, but I’m sure that price will come out once the sale is done, probably.”

The deal for the Goldboro land has been in the works for months. Carroll said, “We had to deal with the federal regulator to get the various approvals so that they [ExxonMobil] could sell the property to the MODG. ExxonMobil had to go through various steps to make sure the property had no environmental issues on it…they now have completed that.”

The final environmental report has been given to the MODG, which had hired Catalyst Consulting engineers to review the document and report back to the municipality. That report “indicated that there’s no known liabilities to the municipality by purchasing the property,” said Carroll.

After the sale is finalized, Carroll told The Journal, the municipality — with the help of a consultant — will work to determine what should be done with the property.

“Essentially, we’ve got all these kinds of companies that want to be in Goldboro. They want to bring power ashore in Goldboro, they want substations. We have people that want to do different things there with the property. So, we’re probably going to go to an RFP [request for proposals] or EOI [expression of interest] process so that the companies can actually submit their proposals to us.

“There’s interest in offshore wind coming ashore in Goldboro. There’s interest in doing other things associated with energy in the park that are renewable…a lot of it is to do with offshore wind, but not exclusively,” said Carroll.

Asked if the land would be leased or sold once purchased by the MODG, Carroll said, “We could lease or we could sell, that will depend. We’ll put out an expression of interest or an RFP and we’ll get companies that, if they have interest, they’ll submit a proposal to us and some of them may suggest it’s leasing, some of them may be a purchase. We’re open to various arrangements.”

But Carroll noted, “We need to get the property from ExxonMobil before we move forward with anything.”

By Lois Ann Dort, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Jul 12, 2023 at 04:33

This item reprinted with permission from   Guysborough Journal   Guysborough, Nova Scotia
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