By Spencer Kemp, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Moosomin Labyrinth is now open for the public to use.

Carol Adair, who came up with the idea for the Labyrinth and presented it to Moosomin town council, says that the labyrinth provides an opportunity to take time and reflect while walking through it. 

“It felt good. I was happy, really happy to see it open. I was amazed to be completely honest. I think a lot of people came out of curiosity because a lot of people don’t know what a labyrinth is. I know a lot of them also came because they wanted to see the community gardens too. I think a lot of them are opening themselves up to something new and they’re willing to see what it was anyways. Now we just have to take the time to go walk it and take the time and the pause to put that into our life,” said Adair.

“It’s a chance to reset sometimes. If you’re going through a bad low or you want to rethink something, you can walk into the labyrinth centre and then walk out and use it as a reset. You can do a reset of your life.”

The pattern and path of the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth are what inspired the design of the newly established labyrinth in Moosomin, according to Adair.

She says that the community’s support in the project was something she did not expect.

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