Legacy Brandon Sun BRUCE BUMSTEAD/BRANDON SUN Students gather on main lawn of the International Music Camp as they wait for directions to their first afternoon sessions on Monday at the International Peace Gardens.Bruce Bumstead

By Chelsea Kemp, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Published Oct 31, 2021

Registration is now open for the 2022 International Music Camp at the International Peace Gardens.

The International Music Camp Summer School of Fine Arts will be celebrating  its 66th season with camp sessions starting on June 19, 2022, said  co-camp director Tim Baumann. The more than 180 staff members who  participate in the program are excited to see a return to in-person  programming for students.

“It’s just a fabulous place to be,”  Baumann said. “From the artistic side, it’s so important for young  people to be surrounded by other people with similar passions and  interests both for the educational side of getting ideas and getting the  opportunity to really hone their skills, practise and have more  opportunities to make art, music and dance.”

Baumann has been running the camp with his wife Christine Baumann since 2013.

The  camp is an amazing art experience for students in which they are  surrounded by fellow young people and professional artists who share the  same passion for music, visual arts, dance and drama.

He added  the summer camp also plays a pivotal role in the development of youth  because it presents the opportunity to step away from normal life and  enter a space where they can embrace their own choices in a safe  environment.

The ultimate goal of the camp is to let students  practise being independent by trying new things and gaining new  perspectives while working to ensure they succeed in their endeavours.

It  is an amazing feeling seeing how much students are transformed over the  six-day camp, and the lifelong friendships that are often established.

The  week culminates in a concert showcase, letting students celebrate the  skills they have learned throughout their time at the camp.

The  camp has faced two summers now where they have been unable to operate in  person and it has been a challenging time because of the uncertainty  and isolation.

Baumann said they took steps to provide free online  classes to students to ensure they could remain engaged with arts and  culture.

In 2021 they offered INC at Home to students across North  America. The series featured more than 200 offerings of individual  lessons and artistic programming.

They have been closely working  with North Dakota to develop a COVID-19 friendly program. They were able  to offer a series of day camps called INC on the Road where they  travelled to different communities and offered the band program for  students.

“We were able to just focus on making music and  connection,” Baumann said. “We were really pleased and very happy with  the outcome.”

He is excited to be back at the Peace Garden and the beauty and unity it brings to the camp.

“Nowhere  else do we have a place where two countries can come together and learn  and grow and be a community together,” Baumann said.

He is also  thrilled to be able to have youth, staff and teachers together once  again because of the life and energy they bring to the gardens and each  other.

“When you come together at camp, it’s like its own little  town in the community for six days … It’s going to be way easier to be  back in person,” Baumann said.

Registration for the program is  currently open, visit internationalmusiccamp.com to register for a week  or longer of summer camps.

Early bird pricing of $744 Canadian for  basic tuition remains in effect until May 1, 2022. After May 1, 2022,  the normal tuition rate of $762 Canadian applies.

Scholarships are also available to assist in attending the camp for those in need.

“We  just want to encourage everyone to be there. It is going to be so  exciting to come home, … be back together, and make art,” Baumann said.

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