It was Nipawin town council that made an ethics complaint against Mayor Rennie Harper, leading to a third-party investigation into a possible contravention of the town’s code of ethics by the mayor.

“The complaint is regarding the Mayor’s behavior during the course of her duties and responsibilities,” said a May 29 media release from the town. “Bloom Centre for Municipal Education is conducting this investigation, which will ensure the complaint is managed with due process.”

The town did not elaborate further about the nature of the compliant.

“The investigation will determine whether the elected official’s conduct aligns with the Town of Nipawin’s Code of Ethics. The investigation is being conducted to ensure transparency, accountability and adherence to these ethical standards,” the town said.

“The Town of Nipawin is committed to upholding high standards of accountability and ethical conduct among its elected officials. Any violations discovered during the investigation will be addressed appropriately in accordance with the established procedures and policies.”

The process includes:

  1. Complaint received.
  2. Council and the Mayor are made aware of the complaint.
  3. Council decides to move forward with an investigation.
  4. Investigation and information gathering commenced.
  5. Preliminary findings are summarized.
  6. Report will be provided for the Mayor’s and Council’s review and comments.
  7. Investigation conclusions.
  8. Decisions and remedy.
  9. Reasons for the decisions will be made public.

The town said the process will be conducted with the highest level of professionalism and will be fully transparent while respecting the confidentiality rights of the complainant and witnesses.

“The investigation has already begun,” the town said.

“During the investigation, information will be limited to protect the integrity of the process. A confidential report will be delivered to council at the June 26, 2023 council meeting. After council reviews the report, council must make any related decisions in public. At that time, more details and information may be released while protecting the required confidentiality of all parties involved.”

By Nicole Goldsworthy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Jun 06, 2023 at 11:40

This item reprinted with permission from   Humboldt Journal   Humboldt, Saskatchewan

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