On April 3, North Perth council heard a delegation from a Listowel resident concerned about the municipality’s flag policy. 

Darrell Weber, a Listowel Ward councillor candidate in the October 2022 municipal election, suggested council “drop all the extra flag flying.”

“I have a desire to drop all extra flag flying,” Weber started. “Drop the use of extra flags because otherwise you’re just going have all kinds of requests (from groups and organizations) to put their flags up.” 

Weber went on to list different religions, beliefs, cults, people and orientations that could, hypothetically, make these requests. 

“Pro-life, Nazi, Black Lives Matter, Muslim, pro-abortion, churches, Christian, veterans, communist, Gay Pride, Klu Klux Klan…” Weber rambled.

“So, to be un-discriminatory and inclusive like (the) federal law we have, you’re going to have to let them all in who want their flag flown or have a legal case in your hands.”

Next, he cautioned council to “be proactive, not reactive.” 

“Do you want peace or do you want heat?” he asked.

Weber suggested the only flags that should be flown on municipal flag poles are the British, Canadian, Ontario and North Perth flags.

“No extra flags,” he said.

Weber then turned his attention to Pride flags and his opposition to them. 

“If they want to fly Gay Pride flags, they can fly it on their own property,” Weber stated. 

Weber then claimed Gay Pride “is a religious organization” and that the municipality’s flag policy does not allow religious organizations to have their flag flown on municipal flag poles.

“Your policy says no religious organizations, therefore why are you allowing that religious organization to fly theirs here?” he asked.

He then called on council, again, to “be proactive and drop all extra flag flying” and suggested the flag bylaw be the same as it was 20 years ago.

“What is wrong with 20 years ago’s bylaw for flag flying?” questioned Weber. 

“And No. 2 is if changing to accept flag banner flying, what metrics determined by who or what group will determine them fit. And then No. 3, ensure you know what’s all involved within the group you’re supporting and adding, potentially, without notice to you, the municipality,” Weber warned. 

“So please drop the extra flags banners flying in our public square,” Weber finished. 

Mayor Todd Kasenberg acknowledged Weber’s delegation and asked for council’s comments. Council members did not comment on the delegation and there was no wish or will to act in regards to the municipality’s flag policy.

The delegation was received for information.

By Melissa Dunphy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Apr 07, 2023 at 07:50

This item reprinted with permission from   Listowel Banner   Listowel, Ontario

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