The land that used to contain the ODR driving range will be rezoned residential.

By Jennifer Lavin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

At a meeting of Niverville’s council on November 16, it was decided that a tract of land that currently contains the Old Drives Run driving range will be rezoned.

The proposal came from Len Peters of Sunset Estates, the property’s developer, who requested that the land’s zoning be changed to allow for the creation of three high-density residential lots, three parks and open space lots, and one medium-density residential lot.

One letter of objection was read into the minutes. The writer of the letter indicated that rezoning the land in this way might be fiscally irresponsible, based on their belief that the land could be better served as commercial space.

It should be noted that the frontage along Old Drivers Run is still zoned commercial, and the property in question is actually located behind the commercial strip.

However, the writer of the letter pointed out that the proposed area would offer a prime location for more businesses seeking to benefit from the customer base brought in by the high school, new hotel, Community Resource and Recreation Centre, and other established businesses in the area.

Peters was on hand to answer questions. When asked to dispute the objection, he argued that in fact land which backs onto a golf course is usually considered to be prime residential space and highly sought-after. This property will overlook the existing golf course.

Peters also pointed to the fact that there are multiple commercial vacancies and commercial buildings being built in the area, but there is often a lack of residential land available in town—a need which this project would help fill.

In the end, the proposal was approved and the project will proceed. There is no timeline or further details available at this time as to what sorts of residential homes will be built here.

This item is reprinted with permission from The Niverville Citizen, Niverville, Manitoba. See article HERE.

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