Original Published on Aug 17, 2022 at 14:09

By Debbi Christinck, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Eganville – An ATV trail through Foymount is not being well received by hamlet residents and it was clear members of Bonnechere Valley council were a tad miffed they were not asked about the trail before it was advertised. 

“The ATV trail goes through the hamlet of Foymount,” Councillor Jack Roesner noted at council last Tuesday. “I’m surprised they would put a trail there without asking us.”

Mayor Jennifer Murphy said she had never heard anything about there being an ATV trail there before it came to her attention through complaints about the ATVs rumbling through the community. In recent years there has been an influx of new residents to the hamlet, including many families with children. 

“It is actually on their website as part of their trail going through the hamlet of Foymount,” Coun. Roesner said. 

The Renfrew County ATV Club website has a map of the ATV trails and the one going to Foymount does a loop through the hamlet after going up McCauley Mountain Road. Foymount has the designation as the highest (elevation) populated spot in Ontario and the trail goes to the Foymount lookout, does a loop in the community and apparently ends. 

CAO Annette Gilchrist pointed out ATVs are allowed on township roads following a decision council made several years ago allowing that. 

“If we want to prevent that, we have to pass a by-law,” she said. 

Councillor Tim Schison said it would have been nice if the ATV club had approached council first before labelling Foymount as part of an ATV trail. 

Mayor Murphy pointed out when council discussed allowing ATVs on township roads, they agreed to do so to enable continuity of the road system. 

“We passed that by-law so if you were on a provincial road, a county road, the rules aren’t different,” she said. 

However, the mayor said she was concerned to see Foymount listed as part of the trail network. 

“They are allowed on the road,” Coun. Roesner said. “We can’t prevent them.”

“We always ask people to use courtesy and common sense with any vehicle,” added Coun. Schison.

This item reprinted with permission from The Leader, Eganville, Ontario