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The most recent Port aux Basques (PAB) council meeting took place on Tuesday evening, Mar. 28. Matters discussed included the PAB Chamber’s upcoming Lifestyle Expo, dilapidated properties, and the annual clean up week.

Lifestyle Expo

The meeting began with a delegation from the Port aux Basques & Area Chamber of Commerce, requesting financial and volunteer support for the upcoming Lifestyle Expo, scheduled for the May 5 to May 7 weekend.

“Chamber is working hard to ensure the all-new Lifestyle Expo is going to be bigger and better than the Expos held in the past. Along with a new format comes new initiatives including presentations, guest speakers, and we also have keynote speakers. Our keynote speakers are Eddie Sheerr from NTV, Ann Blackmore from Fortescue Future Industries, and Port aux Basques’ own Linda Massie for Team NL,” said René Roy, chair of the Lifestyle Expo committee.

“With this increased exposure and with so many new exhibitors, comes the opportunity to connect local, regional, and provincial partners who are coming to the area.”

Assistance will be needed on multiple fronts to ensure a successful Expo, as there are multiple events planned besides the booths.

“We are asking our business community and our partners to donate and volunteer their time. We do require volunteers to help our new exhibitors set up as some are completely unfamiliar with the area. We also need volunteers to take tickets on the door, a couple of hours to work the door, serve at events. We are having a meet and greet and a gala,” said Roy. “We also have gold, silver, and bronze sponsorship opportunities that would promote your brand on every level at the Expo.”

Mayor Brian Button asked how the planning was going for the Lifestyle Expo thus far and Roy said it has been truly excellent.

“We just had to create a few new booths, so it’s going really well. I’m going off in a couple of days to try and get some more retailers, businesses, and organizations in, but so far I think we have four 10 x 10 booths remaining, and only three 30 x 30 booths remaining,” said Roy.

Button said that the Town will do everything it can to assist, and that council will further discuss what type of sponsorship they may offer to help the Chamber offset costs.

Dilapidated Buildings

Town Manager Leon MacIsaac said there are numerous properties, not a result of Hurricane Fiona damage, that have been steadily declining in condition for years.

“I feel we should be sending out an order of council that individuals – and I know we’ve sent them out before and they’ve been largely ignored by residents – an order of Council where they have 14 days to either make plans to substantially the building or have it removed. If we don’t get a response in 14 days, we will take forward action to have the buildings removed at that point in time. That may be the only way to get them to make some modifications to the building or have them taken down,” said MacIsaac.

“We have issued orders before where people have actually taken down the buildings at the council’s direction, so that wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to have this issued to them as well.”

A motion to send out the new notices was  put forth and approved.

Clean up week

Even though it hasn’t been put on the agenda yet, the time is rapidly approaching to schedule the dates for region’s annual clean up week. MacIsaac said the clean up week is typically held the week before the May 24 weekend.

“We usually say one week, but it usually rolls into two and three weeks by the time staff picks up all the materials. We may actually get away with one week this year because, as council is aware, the bins that were out last fall were filled as quick as they could be dumped, so everybody had an opportunity to clean up their properties then.”

Town Clerk Nadine Osmond said the Town has already received inquiries about the dates.

“We’ve got to get the dates ironed out so people will know because spring, the snow will all go and people are starting to get outdoors and clean up their properties early,” said Mayor Button.

By Jaymie White, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Apr 03, 2023

This item reprinted with permission from    Wreckhouse Weekly News    Port aux Basques, Newfoundland
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