A proposed dome campground in the MD of Pincher Creek will have a mix of clear igloo and geodesic domes, allowing guests a unique overnight experience in nature. Images from Blak Star GlobesSean Oliver, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Jul 06, 2022 at 11:13

By Sean Oliver, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Two weeks after approving first reading for an amendment to the land-use bylaw that would rezone land adjacent to the Waterton Reservoir to allow construction of a campground, MD of Pincher Creek council considered another request to rezone property for a planned campground.

Blak Star Globes is partnering with an MD resident to establish a geodesic globe campground over multiple phases, which would be built west of Highway 6 and southeast of the Pieridae-Waterton plant. Geodesic domes are constructed of short struts forming a framework of triangles.

The application requested the property be rezoned from agriculture to rural recreation and council approved first reading of the proposed amendment during its June 28 regular meeting. 

Should the rezoning go through, Blak Star Globes plans to develop the campground over two phases.

The first phase would include one main common-area globe with six clear igloo globes for guests, along with portable bathrooms, showers, solar-powered laundry and a sink cistern at a high point on the property.

Phase 2 would add nine clear and geodesic globes of various sizes with additional food, showers, washrooms, laundry and common areas, along with wood-burning hot tubs and outhouses next to select globes.

None of the structures on-site would be permanent other than the buried water cistern. Each globe would be battery-powered and would have minimal lighting, with heaters powered by batteries and solar panels. The main washroom and laundry units would also have solar panels.

Each globe would have a bed, an outdoor seating area with firepit, and its own 100-litre water container for drinking water and outdoor showers.

Bear-spray stations would be set up throughout the property, and llamas and alpacas would be kept on-site to help fend off unwanted animals.

Blak Star plans to build some hiking paths down to the river, but most activities for campers would be off-site at places like Waterton Lakes National Park or Castle Wildlife Provincial Park.

Coun. John MacGarva called the idea “perfect for the location.”

“That’s a cool little spot for it. I know that quarter quite well,” he said. “The way they’ve got that planned in there just fits.”

A public hearing will be held for the proposed development Tuesday, Aug. 23, 6 p.m. in council chambers.

This item reprinted with permission from Shootin’ the Breeze, Pincher Creek, Alberta