On one hand, it is nice when ministers of the provincial government visit your town and region. The more they know of what’s ‘outside the dome,’ the better off they and we are, is the conventional wisdom.

So last week’s tour of the Lesser Slave area by three ministers of the Kenney government was welcome. It was of course also a public relations exercise, designed to bolster the UCP government’s reputation, which has suffered over the last 18 months or so. There’s no getting around the politically self-interested motives for this kind of thing – which the late Marilyn Partington-Richer, who was editor of this paper for many years – always called ‘the dog and pony show.’

Politics is annoying for all sorts of reasons. But it’s also inevitable and necessary. Politicians need our support to get elected and re-elected. So they do things they think will win that support.

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