Original Published on Jul 01, 2022 at 07:45

By Connor Luczka, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

NORTH PERTH – As of June 20, Tenet Security has been contracted to enhance bylaw enforcement in North Perth. The agency, according to the press release published by the municipality, will “perform by-law enforcement services relating to the inspection, maintenance, and enforcement of Municipality of North Perth bylaws and property standards, including but not limited to parking, animal control, and lot maintenance. In addition to the use of a variety of compliance options including non-fee notices and tickets, Tenet will provide proactive, uniformed patrols, community education and engagement, as well as documentation and reporting of complaints.”

North Perth Fire Chief Janny Pape presented the proposal at council on May 16. Council passed the motion and reached out to the organization, which is operating on a six-month trial period. She says that “they’re helping us with the backlog of complaints. Our current full-time staff member is off on a medical leave. There was a backlog of complaints.”

Council has approved for bylaw enforcement 1.65 full-time equivalents (FTE). Since the 1.0, full-time staff member is off on mecical leave, Tenet Security is meant to ‘support and complement’ their work. 

Pape says that there is no change for the public. To make a complaint there’s a form on the North Perth website, Tenet Security will complete uniformed patrols in Tenet Security branded uniforms, with a North Perth emblem to be added to their sleeves later. 

Pape also wanted the public to know that Tenet has been working in West Perth. “We’ve heard very promising reports from West Perth. The approach that Tenet intends to utilize starts with education. If there is an infraction to a bylaw, they would start by educating the individual about the bylaw and the requirements of the bylaw. And then if education doesn’t work, then we move to an enforcement approach.”

The decision to maintain Tenet after the trial, or if the bylaw enforcement office returns to its full capacity, remains with council. Those decisions will be brought to them in the future. 

New dog park committee making headway

By Connor Luczka, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

LISTOWEL – The long-awaited Listowel dog park is a little closer to opening its fence.

The unofficial dog park committee met on June 21 to discuss fundraising and organization. North Perth CAO Kriss Snell attended the meeting to answer questions regarding these topics. He advised the committee on what needs to be done for the municipality if they become an official committee of council – such as a list of volunteers for insurance purposes. 

Concerns over location were also discussed. While some members had issues with the price of creating the park and the actual land the park will sit on, one of the most agreed upon issues was accessibility, as Dirk Van Wijk explained. As the land currently stands, he would not be able to walk there from the end of the cul-de-sac at the Steve Kerr Memorial Complex. He expressed an interest in parking spaces and a road closer to the proposed park. A road would also be needed if the park had sanitation bins for dog waste, as trucks are needed to access those bins.

Another issue presented by attendees was the space itself. Other locations were suggested across the township, like the greenspace on Krotz Street in the south end and the area around the community garden behind Wal-Mart. 

Mary-Pat Ludington, who organized the meeting, released a follow-up email explaining that changing the location may not go over well at council at this stage of planning. It is not a priority, though they are open to discussing that further. The location behind the Steve Kerr Memorial Complex is scouted by the municipality to be a recreational hub, with a proposed bird watching area just recently approved by council, and connections to local trails also being eyed. 

A subcommittee was formed for fundraising. Without a design for the park formalized they do not have a budget for creating the park, but it is expected to be an investment. Local corporations are being eyed as potential sponsors. 

John McVicar, who is also a member of the Clifford Rotary Club, petitioned the club to donate some of the money earned from Listowel back to Listowel. While he couldn’t say for sure if they would be interested in donating to the dog park specifically, or even that they will donate at all, he suggested that could also be an option. 

He suggested that they look to organizations that have a vested interest in the dog park – like Pet Valu. 

The next committee meeting is tentatively planned for July 26. Questions regarding accessibility raised at the last meeting have been sent to North Perth Manager of Facilities Jeff Newell, who will have answers for the next meeting. 

Anyone interested in volunteering for the committee should contact Ludington to have their name added to the list.