By Dave Baxter, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

One Manitoba school division says they will mandate masks in school at least temporarily when the school year starts up in September, while another division says they are planning to leave that decision in the hands of parents and students for now.

In a letter sent out by the Lord Selkirk School Division (LSSD) the Selkirk-based division informed parents and guardians what their plans are regarding mask mandates when the school year starts up.

“Recognizing the potential for a fourth wave and considering the prevalence of variants of concerns like Delta, all staff and students in LSSD will be required to wear a mask for the month of September when inside, when singing (inside or outside) and while travelling on school buses,” LSSD said in a letter sent out on August. 18.

LSSD says once September is over they will make a decision on what their plans are for mask mandates.

“We will revisit this decision at the end of September, and be sure to communicate any potential changes at that time,” the division said in their letter.

LSSD said their decision to at least temporarily mandate masks is important for the safety of students and staff, and they believe it is also the best way to avoid students once again being sent home and forced to learn through remote learning.

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