Rev. Terry Goerz,
Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Are you a swimmer?

Are you comfortable jumping into the deep end of the pool with no life jacket.

Think back to that first time you jumped into water over your head.

There was probably a lot of anxiety inside you as you stood at the edge of the pool.

Let’s do a bit of imagining here.

You are not a swimmer .The deepest water you have been in was in the bathtub.

You are at a diving pool that has no shallow end.

All the water is well over your head.

You have decided to learn to swim and the first lesson is treading water.

You have taken the lessons and the instructor had explained that a human body is slightly less dense than water, and so if you jump in you will float to the surface of the water.

You took science in school and you remember Bernoulli’s laws and Pascal’s laws, and Archimedes’ principle.

In your head you can say with certainty that the science is true.

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