By Jennifer Henderson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The new Alberta curriculum is meeting a political agenda, and not meeting the needs of kids in the classrooms, said one local superintendent.

St. Albert Public School superintendent Krimsen Sumners said during a Gazette editorial board meeting that the curriculum needs to be well thought out and thoroughly vetted.

“We have a government who’s seeing a need to meet a political agenda, and not necessarily the agenda of kids,” Sumners said.

On June 23, the St. Albert Public School board wrote a letter to the province, asking the province to rewrite the draft Kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculum, as they do not believe their concerns with the curriculum can be addressed through minor changes to the draft. 

“Clearly, given the concerns raised by diverse and a widespread plethora of stakeholders, the 2021-2022 time frame is not conducive to revising the draft curriculum and authentically incorporating feedback,” the letter said.

Sumners said the curriculum is not inclusive and reflective of the society we currently live in.

“We are not being inclusive of all kids. We need for all students in our community to be reflected in the curriculum and they are not,” Sumners said.

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