Recreation and community development staff at the Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s appear to be doubling down on the “create” part of their department’s title these days, just in time for spring.

According to a notice posted to the municipality’s website and Facebook page by Active Living Coordinator Tobias Clarke, “The Community Development & Recreation Department is currently creating a list of all the exceptional talent within the community. This list will help staff connect to the right people for future program development.”

The posting goes on to say: “Mary’s wants to hear from you! Are you creative? Artists, writers, instructors, rafters. Please get in touch with your talent/skills and contact information if you wish to be added to the list.”

As if the show just how out-of-the-box the municipality is willing to think on all matters “creative,” another recent posting states: “Help Us Plant A Canoe! The Municipality is asking if anyone has an old, unused canoe they would like to donate to a great cause. If this is you, then here is your opportunity! We are currently in the works of developing a unique activity for our community called ‘Plant a Canoe.’”

According to the call-out, “This initiative is a part of the ‘Butterflyway Project,’ a volunteer-led movement that is growing habitats for bees and butterflies in communities across Canada. ‘Retired’ canoes filled with soil, native wildflowers and shrubs add colour and feed local bees and butterflies. Further to the Plant A Canoe part of the Butterflyway Project, St. Mary’s would love to be able to create 12 Butterflyway habitats across [the] district.”

Clarke tells The Journal that, after a recent meeting of the St. Mary’s River Association she attended, “a resident shared information about the Butterflyway Project in hopes that a link to Active Living could be created for the community. After researching the project, which was initiated by the David Suzuki Foundation in 2017, the municipality initiated its role as a butterflyway ranger to create habitat gardens in the community to promote the health and well-being of our pollinators.

Regarding the Plant A Canoe project, she says, “It seemed to be fitting for St. Mary’s and potential habitat locations. The project will also be a part of the previously established municipal Eco Explorers program for youth … The St. Mary’s community is filled with members who have passion, purpose and talents and the municipality sees value in having its community’s members celebrated. The Plant a Canoe project is just one example where residents can contribute their knowledge and skills with others and share in the contribution and benefits for all residents.”

Clarke can be reached at 902-522-2598 or

By Alec Bruce, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Mar 08, 2023 at 07:19

This item reprinted with permission from   Guysborough Journal   Guysborough, Nova Scotia
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