Original Published on Jul 14, 2022 at 09:00

By Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Stettler town council examined some plans for the community’s future, including another dog park proposed for the southern part of town. The presentation was made to council at the July 5 regular meeting of council.

Town of Stettler Communications Officer Lara Angus appeared before council to update them on the 2022 strategic plan, specifically the top five priorities that were previously identified and how those priorities are coming along.

Angus confirmed that priority number one, the parks advisory committee, was coming along nicely. 

All of the goals and required actions of the committee are currently being worked on, including establishing the working group, confirming the working groups guiding principles, reviewing existing plans, identifying new features including maintenance and upgrades and identify “quick wins,” which included a fountain for West Stettler Park and pickleball lines for the tennis courts.

She added that this part of the strategic plan has notched a number of accomplishments, including updating two playgrounds, building one new playground, a tree park, a green space, several sports fields, the two-phase skate park, the Northeast Dog Park, community gardens and orchard and refurbishment of the sports track.

Several areas remain to be addressed, including two new playgrounds, revitalization of the playground behind Fas Gas, refurbishment of the sports track bleachers, outdoor arena refurbishment and work on the sports field turf.

Priority number two is the Stettler Rec Centre (SRC) expansion, with Angus noting all three goals and required actions are currently being worked on: establishing a working group, possibly revisiting SRC expansion plan and exploring funding options.

It was noted progress to date on the SRC expansion has included reviewing work of the previous committee, reviewing the previous funding model and looking at expansion and funding options in the current political environment. 

It was noted in the report the field house addition may be detached or eliminated.

Priority number three was new or renovated office space. Angus noted two of the five goals are being worked on at this time, with required actions listed as: identify layout options, get cost estimates, create proposed budget, commence structural components and commence IT components.

Angus stated three different areas of the current town office were proposed for renovation. 

“After reviewing virtual layouts designed by the G.I.S coordinator, it was agreed that dividing the work room was the most viable option, allowing our organization room to grow,” she stated in her report.

“An initial electrical quote has been received. The committee is awaiting a construction quote from a general contractor.”

Priority number four, Stettler as a Christmas destination, isn’t coming along as quickly as the other priorities noted Angus. 

The goals and required actions to establish working group expectations, brainstorm ideas/desired outcomes, identify responsibilities of town and board of trade, create participatory plan and facilitate private cooperation, are not being worked on at this time she confirmed.

The same could be said for priority number five, IT upgrade and integration advisory. This will require research for budgeting and require cost estimates and timelines.

Councillors unanimously accepted the update as information.

This item reprinted with permission from East Central Alberta Review, Coronation, Alberta