To the Editor:

Another day, another story about a disaster linked to climate change caused by (you guessed it) fossil fuels. Don’t get me wrong. I know climate change is really happening, and I believe mankind has contributed to it. I am just sick and tired of fossil fuels being used as a scapegoat to distract the population from the other causes of climate change.

“The science proves it,” you say? Let us try some simple science. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. There are over seven billion people on this planet that all produce some amount of methane. Not to mention the billions of cattle, pigs, chickens, etc., that also produce various amounts of methane. Plus there are natural sources of methane – swamps, lakes, peat moss and so on.

Next we have the undeniable fact that people have built enormous dams on rivers, diverted rivers and even turned deserts into farm land. To say this does not affect the climate is ignoring proven science. Does the surface of a reservoir reflect sunlight and heat or absorb it?

Also consider the billions of acres of forest that has been turned into farm land in the last two centuries. Any glider pilot or paraglider will tell you that a freshly plowed field creates an updraft. Take into consideration that a forest captures way more carbon that a crop, and you again affect the climate.

Then there is the effect of the huge cities that people have built. I once heard that Pheonix, Arizona is on average 10 degrees Celsius hotter than the surrounding area. Add in the massive use of power and natural gas that cities require and that adds to climate change. Asphalt absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night. So now think about the billions of kilometers of highways made of asphalt.

Of course you also need to calculate all the resources that need to be trucked into these massive cities in able to feed and clothe their huge populations. Which brings us back to fossil fuels.

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