With Taber briefly having the social media spotlight due to ostriches running down the highway through the town last Thursday, members of Taber’s municipal government took this opportunity to do some good and put a positive spin on the event. Taber Mayor Andrew Prokop briefly commented on the ostrich-related events and the support that arose from the community to help solve the problem of the escaped ostriches. 

“Apparently, 28 in total ostriches got away between here and Barnwell,” said Prokop. “That occurred at four o’clock in the morning, Thursday — that’s when it started, and then they ended up in town here on the highway and all over the place. For several hours in the early afternoon, or even later, they were trying to round up as much as they could — I think even Friday morning there were three that were outstanding that they had not accounted for. I think they caught them all in the end, but they did a great job overall — the RCMP and Taber Police Service were part of that, the M.D. of Taber and the Town of Taber was part of that as well, and probably a variety of others that I’m not even familiar with were trying to help. Quite an event for sure, and definitely an unusual event to say the least, but all things considered, it went pretty well. It could’ve obviously been a lot worse.”

Following this remark, Prokop briefly commented about the Town’s donation to the Taber Food Bank. 

“All things considered, there were a lot of social media comments going back and forth. Some different comments, suggestions, and/or remarks, so we thought it was appropriate that we do a food bank donation, so we donated 20 turkeys on Friday morning. The food bank was very appreciative and happy to receive that and definitely a perfect time of year for that purpose.  We’re happy to accommodate as best we can. We tried to create a good news story and it was a good news story because different comments came back all over the country. It went viral fairly quickly. You know how different things get blown out of proportion, so we’re just trying to set the record straight, and make sure to make an accurate account — which we did. In the end, Meghan Brennan (Taber’s communications and projects coordinator) did a great job putting together some kind of storyline with that. Some fun comments and Meghan turned that into a positive format altogether. I was asked to be part of that as well, so I accommodated where I could and it was very appropriate all things considered. We’re very happy to support the food bank as always.” 

By Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Nov 30, 2022

This item reprinted with permission from   The Taber Times   Taber, Alberta

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