By Kenyon Stronski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Taber and District Health Foundation (TDHF) has been making big
contributions to the community’s hospital with the recent purchase of
an electrocardiograph (ECG) machine for $17,900.

An ECG machine is important for all departments of the hospital, as it
records the electrical activity of the heart and displays it as data
on a screen or paper. Before the purchase, the Taber Hospital only had
one of these machines on-site.

“The ECG is used daily, and without the benefit of having one you
won’t have the proper outcome for patients and we want to have the
best health care possible in Taber without having to drive to another
facility,” says fundraising co-ordinator Vicki Koersen. “The one we
have now is older, and so the possibility of it failing is there.
Machines break, so we needed a second one just in case. Both are in
use, but it’s just nice to have a pair.”

The TDHF raises money in a variety of ways, whether it’s through
fundraisers or donations. This includes third-party fundraisers such
as McHappy Day through McDonalds, the Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Day or
through Dairy Queen’s Blizzard Day.

A larger annual fundraiser the local organization has is with the
Kiwanis Golf Tournament, where members raise money for bigger
purchases. This year, just under $31,000 was raised for a Cardiac
XhibitMonitor for the Emergency Department. This piece of equipment
can monitor all the day surgery beds or patients within the Emergency

Every year the TDHF hosts an annual fundraiser. This year will look
different again due to the changing COVID situation.

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