The Eagle Has Landed tour featuring The Golden Eagles Aaron Solomon, Marty Jones, Tom Koncan and Rick Spyder, landed at the Wingham Town Hall Theatre on July 6.Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

WINGHAM – The greatly anticipated musical performance by The Golden Eagles, a tribute band to The Eagles, featuring Pete Doiron performing as Garth Brooks, once again filled the Wingham Town Hall Theatre with concertgoers, a trend in downtown Wingham that is quickly gaining momentum.

Very few seats were empty in the quaint and nostalgic theatre as the lights dimmed and the curtain went up, so to speak.

The first act was a fantastic Garth Brooks performer who is a kindergarten teacher by day and performer by night. Doiron stepped out on stage wearing the signature Brooks black Stetson cowboy hat, guitar in hand, and enthralling the crowd with some of the famous country singers’ well-known favourites like “Friends in Low Places” and “The Dance.”

Aaron Solomon, Marty Jones, Tom Koncan and Rick Spyder – better known as The Golden Eagles – accompanied Doiron on electric guitars, drums and the fiddle, singing backup vocals for Brooks’ well-known tunes. One would never guess they met just a few hours before the show.

After a brief pause and a “costume change” (which entailed two band members changing their shirts), The Golden Eagles landed on the stage, beginning with amusement as the guitar player and vocalist Spyder laughed, saying, “I hope you don’t recognize us.”

The band, a group of musicians who have all been members of various Eagles tribute bands over the years, recently joined forces, combining their musical talent, their experience and most of all, their love for the timeless music of the Eagles.

“In fact,” Solomon told the concert-goers, “this is our first gig together.” The crowd responded with applause and cheers, happy to be their first audience.

The guys don’t mimic individual members of the famous band but combine their multiple talents to recreate songs like “Heartache Tonight” and “Hotel California” with the best man for the job singing lead vocals.

Solomon joked with the crowd about that, saying he waited until everyone else had decided what their best songs were, leaving him with what he called “the high notes,” that could cause a blood vessel to break in his forehead, he jested.

Concert promoter Joseph White is donating a portion of the sales for this event in support of AMD for Hope for Ukraine. 

“AMD for Hope is a not-for-profit organization founded by two women in Niagara Falls to assist Ukrainian people coming to Canada,” White said. “All donations go to helping Ukraine’s fleeing to Canada. All volunteer operated.”

White told the Wingham Advance Times that although the final numbers are not calculated yet, he anticipates donating approximately $200 to the organization.

Additionally, White said, “I have raised $17,000 since November for St. John Ukrainian Church in St. Catharines.”

This evening appeared to be an enjoyable and unforgettable event for attendees, just what the doctor ordered after three long years of isolation. People are once again laughing, singing, clapping along to music, and, most importantly, enjoying the company of others while listening to some great music.

Wingham is well on its way to the goal of becoming known as the place to be for anything music, with many more shows coming up in the next several months for concert-hungry fans.

Upcoming shows at the Wingham Town Hall Theatre include “Wingham Beatlemania,” on Aug. 19, The High Kings – Ireland’s leading folk band – on Sept. 24, and The Great Canadian Road Trip tour featuring Canadian country music legends Doc Walker, Jason McCoy and Michelle Wright on Oct. 11.

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By Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Jul 14, 2023 at 07:15

This item reprinted with permission from   Advance Times   Wingham, Ontario
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Comments are Welcome - Leave a reply below - Posts are moderated